Marketers can Only make sound strategic decisions based on tHe accurate counting of retail traffic/visitor traffic. This is where Dexilon comes into the picture. We have developed an integrated people counter that helps companies of all sizes to position themselves strategically in today’s highly competitive market. Our integrated people counter combined with PARTIALIT ot TOTALIT can easily evaluate staffing needs, perfomance, conversion ratios, marketing campaigns, floor plans and product displays. With this data in hand, you can confidently make decisions and plans based on data, and not feelings.



The Dexilon Flux Wireless People counter is a world-class people counter. It is easy to install and use, TCPIP centralised and battery powered. With the Dexilon Flux Wireless People Counter, you can read data directly from the LCD display, even though it sends you a daily report by email so that you can easily access it from your computer. It is easy and seamless to install as there are no cables between the various units. The data is sent on a daily basis to the TCPIP controllers at a central location where it will be ready for the manager to check using our intuitive software. You can easily locate stores out of the trends, plan opening hours, plan store staff needs, calculate and compare conversion rates in conjunction with store data. You can also easily convert the data to any standard format, txt, xls and others under demand.