Best Sensors, clothing tags and security tags

At SLP we are strong believers in an integrated approach to retail security, and judging from industry trends and statistics, integrated and multilayered approach is the future in retail security. As technology advances, so do the criminal elements. We have the perfect security solutions to help you maximise your shop’s security. To help you manage your stock and all the activity happening in your store, we have an extensive range of retail security products and accessories to choose from. This does not only protect your business from external criminal element, but also helps increase accountability among your staff.

You will never have to worry about always having staff monitoring the floor closely and inconveniencing customers with frisk searches at the door. Simply learn more about our different products and get in touch with our team to choose a combination that works best for your store. No store or space is too big or small for us. We can tailor a package to suit your specific requirements. At SLP we do not force you to fit into our mold, with peculiar looking systems that often compromise the overall look of your store.

Our team of experienced and seasoned technicians will conduct an assessment of your space and install the system. We specialise in security tags, clothing tags, sensors and other retail security products and accessories. Contact us today and start enjoying the liberty that comes with having high quality, integrated retail security systems installed at your store.


Detection systems are essential and fundamental part of a good integrated security system. They are also great to install as they are an effective deterrent because of their appearance. We offer a comprehensive range of the most up to date AM and RF detection systems which operate at different frequencies, with varying ranges. No store is too big, or too small for us to work on. Our systems have a proven track record of excellent and reliable service. SLP Technologies is the sole distributor of the Dexilon range of systems which include the latest ultra-sleek and clear Plexi systems as well as Dexilon Antares and the advertising post.